Wasting Money by Cutting the GSA Budget for Efficient Buildings

Kevin Kampschroer, the Director of the Federal High-Performance Green Building Program at the General Services Administration, is an unsung hero of energy efficiency. Literally. Yesterday, the Alliance to Save Energy awarded Kevin an esteemed Unsung Hero award for his outstanding contributions in the field. His team works hard to find, develop and promote practices that deliver real savings. They work closely with GSA’s facility managers, other government agencies, and the private sector.

The job is important.  GSA is the landlord for the civilian federal government, managing more than 360 million square feet of offices, courthouses, ports of entry, and other work places, and spends over $300 million annually on energy.  GSA is earning a reputation as a leader in energy efficiency and sustainability.  It’s on a path to reduce energy intensity (energy use per square foot) by 30% in 2015 compared with 2003.  Meeting this goal requires outstanding operations, including use of new tools to identify and eliminate wasteful use.  It also requires excellent maintenance and retrofits to old, inefficient lighting, HVAC, and windows.  And when new buildings are needed, it requires strong design and construction practices, and a host of other good management efforts.  Developing and implementing advanced tools and facility management approaches that deliver good economy also requires adequate funding.

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Taking the shine out of Energy Star

Unfortunately, the House of Representatives Appropriations Committee has proposed slashing the Energy Star budget by over $10 million, or about 30 % for the rest of this year. That puts the program, and the benefits it delivers, at severe risk.

Since its launch in 1992, Energy Star has earned great consumer recognition and credibility, and many folks look for the logo when it comes time to buy that washing machine, refrigerator, window, or dozens of other products. Importantly, many utilities also recognize the value of Energy Star, and give rebates to customers who buy these more efficient products.

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