“Community Storage” for Cleaner, Lower-Cost Electricity

Electric utilities and technology developers at the cutting edge of renewable energy generation and energy storage met at a White House-hosted “Summit on Scaling Renewable Energy and Storage with Smart Markets” this week to exchange ideas and explore how to rapidly scale these technologies to make tomorrow’s electricity grid cleaner and cheaper. I had the pleasure of participating, representing both NRDC and the Community Storage Initiative, where I serve on the advisory council.

More and more utilities, equipment manufacturers, and others are working to develop energy storage using equipment already located in households and businesses that also can help make the electricity grid cleaner and cheaper, as summarized in a report the White House released as background for the summit. (Storage makes it possible to take advantage of solar energy even when the sun isn’t shining and wind power when the wind isn’t blowing. And if more is generated during periods when energy service needs are low, these emissions-free sources have to be curtailed from coming into the electric system.)

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